This is a reminder that each of us must be hyper-vigilant when using email and the internet. Each time we access the internet, or connect to the Care Plus network when working from home, we are opening up Care Plus to vulnerabilities. By downloading executable files or clicking on hyperlinks & Ads, you may be unsuspectingly introducing a virus into the Care Plus network. Think before you click.

• Be very careful with email
• Delete emails from companies you do not do business with
• Delete emails in lieu of clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link if you do not do business with them
• Do not download attachments from a source you do not know
• If you know the source, confirm with the sender that they sent you a file
• Beware of phishing emails which may trick you into revealing your username and password

• Don’t use open WIFI in free public spaces
• Avoid suspicious websites
• Beware of pop-ups
• Do not click on pop up ads
• Don’t go where you are not supposed to
• Avoid sites such as Facebook

• Keep NetExtender disconnected when not in use
• Use the laptop for work only; avoid internet sites not work related
• Don’t allow family members or others to use your work computer
• Don’t save client PHI to the C drive on the laptop
• Ensure the laptop is password protected & secured when not in use
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