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Additional information and resources can now be found in Ascentis. go to Ascentis-> Home (tab) and look for the heading 401K Information.

If you have any questions, please email alined@careplusnj.org with 401K in the subject line.

COVID Message: All staff must complete online staff COVID questions prior to coming on site or going into the community. Upon arriving to a CPNJ site, take your temperature using the touchless thermometer..


To limit the spread of the virus, it is critical to follow CarePlus NJ policies and procedures based upon the CDC guidelines.


A. Wear face masks when in company of others or passing through hallways and common

B. Wash hands frequently using soap and water, or hand sanitized if soap and water is not

C. Avoid touching your face.

D. Maintain social distancing.

E. Self-monitor your temperature as well as other symptoms.

F. Use bacteria wipes to clean areas before and after use.

G. Use PPE's appropriate for the situation (goggles, face shields, gloves, gowns, head/hair

H. Screen clients before meeting with them face-to-face.

i.  This screening should be documented in EVOLV by using the EVOLV COVID
              screening tool. 

ii.  When using touchless thermometers ensure you are recording the temperature into
               the EVOLV COVID screening tool.

iii.  If you have any questions about the EVOLV COVID screening tool contact EVOLV

I. Be test ed and quarantine if you are exposed to someone who is positive or experiencing

J. Isolate if you test positive.

K. Before coming into work if you have any symptoms i.e. cough, temperature, anything that out
    of the norm for you, please contact your supervisor or Mary Sherban in HR immediately before
    reporting to work.

L. When reporting to any of the CPNJ sites, make sure you are reporting any symptoms to the
    FD/staff responsible for conducting the screening i.e. cough, allergies and anything outside the


If you wish to be tested or have any questions regarding testing sites please contact Mary Sherban:

i.   Email  marys@careplusnj.org;

ii.  Office number 201-843-5218 ext. 5966

iii.  Cell 201-783-4280

Security Message
This is a reminder that each of us must be hyper-vigilant when using email and the internet. Each time we access the internet, or connect to the Care Plus network when working from home, we are opening up Care Plus to vulnerabilities. By downloading executable files or clicking on hyperlinks & Ads, you may be unsuspectingly introducing a virus into the Care Plus network. Think before you click.
• Be very careful with email
• Delete emails from companies you do not do business with
• Delete emails in lieu of clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link if you do not do business with them
• Do not download attachments from a source you do not know
• If you know the source, confirm with the sender that they sent you a file
• Beware of phishing emails which may trick you into revealing your username and password

• Don’t use open WIFI in free public spaces
• Avoid suspicious websites
• Beware of pop-ups
• Do not click on pop up ads
• Don’t go where you are not supposed to
• Avoid sites such as Facebook

Working Remotely

• Ensure your work space is private, away from all family/pets
• Ensure home recording devices such as Alexa and Echo are disabled, to ensure you protect CPNJ
   business interests and client PHI!
• Utilize headphones/earbuds to ensure confidentiality if others are present
• If video conferencing or using Telehealth, ensure your setting is professional and be mindful of what is
   behind you, as others/clients will be looking at your background the entire time!  Ensure you are dressed
• If using Telehealth or supporting staff who do, ensure you have received proper training on the platform
   & are familiar with the ins & outs of the workflow
• Ensure you are using secure WIFI
• Ensure your devices are password protected & if you are using CPNJ equipment, use it only for work
• If you walk away from your computer, lock your device or log out
• Ensure your physical notes/papers are secure & protected Utilize only CPNJ approved platforms for
   Meetings and Telehealth. Staff are not permitted to utilize free platforms.
• Call our IT department 201-265-8200 ext 6011 if you have questions or need assistance with
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